Package 1 'Miss Vile's P!ss off Basic B!tches Package'

– 6 Jagerbombs 
– VK bucket (x12 bottles) 
= £80

Package 2 'Mab's & Bab's Lesbi-friends Package'

– Bottle of Smirnoff + Mixers
– 6 Shots (Choice of Corkys, Tequila, Jagermeister, Sambuca)
= £120

Package 3 'Coco's Chaos Starter Package'

– Bottle of Gordons Gin + Mixers
– 6 Shots (Choice of Corkys, Tequila, Jagermeister, Sambuca)
= £120

Package 4 'Malibu's DollHaus Package'

– Bottle of Malibu + Mixers
– 6 Jagerbombs
– 6 VK Tropical
= £140

Package 5 'Precious McMichaels' Diamond Package'

– Bottle of Veuve
– Tanqueray Gin + Mixer (x4 on a Tree)
= £180

Our VIP Area is now available for a Private hires!

Hire our VIP level for private events such as birthdays & parties. 
– We can provide catering 
– The VIP experience provides a private personal bar and waiter. 
– Private toilets & Private balcony view of the Viaduct stage.
– We can decorate our VIP area for your special event.  

Our dear Susan started to DJ in 2008 and was given a Saturday afternoon slot at the Viaduct, she soon got her own little fan base and won an Owlie Award for Best DJ! Well known for her eclectic range of music and top-quality tracks, she’s more than happy to be a human juke box and keep the crowds gagging for more.

Now Susan hosts Sassy Susan’s Daytime Sesh each and every weekday from 2pm, giving customers the chance to win big cash prizes on the Bingo. She’s even adapted her classic Bingo to comply with COVID regulations and now you can find Maracca Bingo keeping her crowd entertained!