As the longest-serving member of the Viaduct Showgirls, Drag Royalty Precious McMichael’s
began her career over twenty years ago when she was spotted by the Legendary Miss Orry
and was inducted into the very exclusive “Miss Orry School of Showgirls” at The Birdcage
Leeds. During her time at the Birdcage, Precious was one of the Queens featured in the ITV1
documentary, “The Drag Queens” which following their daily lives as they prepared for the
opening of their sister club The Birdcage Manchester.

After a short retirement, Precious was once again drawn back to the stage and made her big debut at the Viaduct Showbar in 2012, working alongside Anja Bach and the one and only Miss Blanche, wowing the Leeds LGBTQ scene every weekend and even performing across the globe in Gran Canaria and Thailand! More recently Precious has become our very own Mother Ru, hosting the Viaduct Showgirl’s spectacular show each and every weekend keeping the audience entertained with her sharp wit, music and gowns.

She’s Phat, Fabulous and a whole lot of Glamourass! Mamma has been a strong and vibrant DJ/Host in the Viaduct Showbar for 9 years now, she’s the fan favourite, full of personality and a huge part of our entertainment team! You can catch her down at the Viaduct every Monday and Wednesday playing all those hot tunes to get you bumpin & grinding.

Don’t forget, she’s always partial to a gin & tonic!

Although Coco started her journey in drag as a performer on stage, her talents now extend to DJ’ing and hosting! Having learnt from her drag mother Precious McMichaels and taken inspiration from the legendary Drag DJ’s in Leeds and Gran Canaria, she has become a fabulous DJ and host in her right.

Our dear Susan started to DJ in 2008 and was given a Saturday afternoon slot at the Viaduct, she soon got her own little fan base and won an Owlie Award for Best DJ! Well known for her eclectic range of music and top-quality tracks, she’s more than happy to be a human juke box and keep the crowds gagging for more.

Now Susan hosts Sassy Susan’s Daytime Sesh each and every weekday from 2pm, giving customers the chance to win big cash prizes on the Bingo. She’s even adapted her classic Bingo to comply with COVID regulations and now you can find Maracca Bingo keeping her crowd entertained!

Luke delivers the sassiest mixes with his residency at Viaduct Showbar on Friday and Saturday nights. Following on from the fabulous Precious McMichaels he sure knows how to keep the crowd gagging for more. After a short break, we’re thrilled to announce that Luke will be re-joining our team of DJ’s from the 12th April.

Saki is originally from Melbourne Australia where she trained as a professional dancer. She’s not only worked all around the world on cruise ships, but she’s also toured with the Hit Musical The Lion King! She has since moved to Manchester where she first picked up her heels and graced the iconic stage of The Birdcage, she’s also performed at The New Union and been a runway star at Kiki Manchester. Saki Yew is now one of the dancing showgirls here at the Viaduct Showbar and she is thrilled to be entertaining you every weekend!

Having started drag in 2015, Gisele was born in the legendary venue Tunnel, formally known as Mission 2, where she shocked audiences with her creative and quirky looks, the likes of which had never been seen in Leeds before! Gisele is also an award winner! She’s won “Drag Queen of the Scene” at the 2017 Leeds OWLIE Awards, no doubt for her amazing talents but also for being widely acknowledged as the nicest queen around. Did we mention she’s also the runner up in the 2016 NYX Cosmetics UK Face Awards?

You might not have just caught Gisele in Leeds, she’s also worked in Manchester venues Kiki, Void, The New Union and Cruz, with London venues including the theatre of varieties The Box. No stranger to Ibiza, Gisele lived there in 2017 where she worked for Glitterbox, La Troya and Pikes Ibiza. Not just a fabulous performer, she’s also a skilled artist, recently having worked on a sculpture in the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. She’s featured in Attitude magazine, been on E4, worked as a celebrity makeup artist and is a Visual Artist for Give Face Cosmetics. Giselle is excited to see what challenges being part of the Viaduct Showgirls come her way!